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Beyond Needles:

The Future of Acupuncture is Here

Enter TCM 4.0, where ancient wisdom meets modern photobiomodulation (PBM) and laser acupuncture (LAT) therapies to revolutionize patient care and bring acupuncturists from a pain patient’s last resort to their first.

TCM 4.0 Virtual International Conference from May 4th, 2024
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TCM 4.0 is the biggest advancement in acupuncture since the stainless steel needle, and far more powerful.

This isn’t just an event; it’s a pivotal moment that opens the doors to entirely new acupuncture-based therapies with the ability to heal at a level not possible before, including fully healing chronic soft tissue pain within 10 sessions, treating neurodegenerative diseases and macular degeneration, and more.

This conference will not only enrich your practice and patient outcomes, but also empower you to stand out in an ever-competitive healthcare landscape, offering solutions that many practitioners (in TCM 3.0) cannot.

Conference Speakers

Our keynote speakers feature two prominent researchers and clinicians in the PBM and LAT fields, Dr. Margaret Naeser and Dr. Volkmar Kreisel. Steve Liu hosts the conference and will be presenting on practical PBM applications in clinical practice, history and future of laser acupuncture, and more.

Margaret A. Naeser, PhD, LAc

Full Credentials

Margaret Naeser, PhD, LAc has studied the effect of red/near-infrared (NIR) light-emitting diodes (LED) placed over the scalp/brain to treat sequelae of traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, stroke/Aphasia, Dementia, Gulf War Illness, and most recently, retired, Pro-Football players possibly developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

She has a strong interest in neuroplasticity and utilizing transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) to promote neuromodulation for brain recovery. This includes studying changes in functional connectivity on fMRI scans within specific, intrinsic neural networks which are damaged (but not destroyed), in various central nervous system disorders.

Learn more and access her research on ASLAT »

Volkmar Kreisel, MD

Full Credentials

Dr. Kreisel is Vice President of ISLA transcontinental (International Society for  Medical Laser Applications), Chairman and founding member of COLLL (College of  Low Level Laser Therapy), member of the Scientific Advisory Board of INAURIS  (International Network for Controlled Implant Acupuncture) and Head of the Clinic for  Integrative Medicine in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. He holds a lectureship for  Laser Medicine at the Danube University Krems, Austria, and is author of several  books and papers on PBM, Laser Acupuncture and Laser Field Therapy. He is an  internationally recognized speaker and expert in PBM Therapy.

Conference Host and Presenter

Steve Liu, L.Ac., BSEE

Founder of the American Society of Laser Acupuncture Therapies (ASLAT), Steve Liu is a laser engineer turned acupuncturist who has successfully carved out a profitable and busy niche for his acupuncture clinic for over 25 years.

He pioneered the practical application of laser therapies for soft tissue pain, neurodegenerative diseases, and macular degeneration in his clinic. And is particularly known for his “FAST” treatment method for chronic soft tissue pain, fully healing soft tissue pain typically within 10 sessions.

The Next Inevitable Step for TCM is Now

The evolution of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from TCM 1.0 to TCM 4.0 spans 4,000 years, with 4.0 representing the biggest advancement since the stainless steel needle, and will far surpass its impact.

TCM 1.0 / Stones, Bones, and Bamboo

The origins of TCM, dating back about 4000 years to the 4th century, using sharpened stones, bones, or bamboo to stimulate acupuncture points. The foundational principles of TCM, the mapping of the meridian system.

TCM 2.0 / Early Metal Needles

Starting around the 4th century, Chinese acupuncture practitioners experiment with metals like bronze, copper, tin, gold, and silver for acupuncture needles, eventually favoring steel for its flexibility and durability. Enhancing their safety, effectiveness, and accessibility.

TCM 3.0 / Sterile Stainless Steel Needles

Widespread acceptance and accessibility of acupuncture in the West during the 1980s, thanks to the mass production of sterile, disposable stainless steel needles. Improved safety and lowered cost of acupuncture therapy, contributing to its popularity outside Asia.

TCM 4.0
Laser Acupuncture & Photobiomodulation

This combination represents a significant leap forward, utilizing light-based therapies to enhance the therapeutic effects of acupuncture. TCM 4.0 offers a more integrative, modern approach to medicine, providing practitioners with innovative tools to treat a wide range of conditions more effectively, from chronic pain to neurodegenerative diseases.

We’re Now at the Cusp of the TCM 4.0 Wave, and its Already Transforming Acupuncture Efficacy and Clinic Success

The perfect marriage of acupuncture with PBM therapy creates an evidence-based, modern healing approach that quickens and enhances healing, and resolves many challenging medical conditions modern acupuncturists face every day.

Decades of PBM research are in place, and the applications are only going to grow from here.

Now’s the time to catch this wave, giving you an early advantage and expanding your capacity to heal.

In a time when many acupuncturists struggle, we have the perfect opportunity to leap forward and establish ourselves as more than just the last resort with uniquely powerful healing therapies.

Discover the research, the therapies, the case studies, the past and future of PBM/LAT, and so much more that you can take directly into your practice.

Get the recordings to delve into the next evolution in acupuncture.

2024 Conference Agenda

7 – 8 am (All PST)


8 – 8:10 am

Steve Liu, LAc, BSEE– Welcome and introduction to the keynote speaker Prof. Naeser

8:10 – 9:00 am

Prof. Margaret Naeser, PhD, LAc (Boston, USA), Part 1 – “Introduction to Laser, Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs), and Photobiomodulation (PBM) Terminology, and the Naeser Laser HAND Treatment Program for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Stroke”

9:00 – 9:15 am

Prof. Naeser Q&A

9:20 – 10:20 am

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel (Stuttgart, Germany), Part 1 – “Laser Acupuncture Where Tradition Meets Modernity”

10:20 – 10:35 am

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel Q&A

10:35 – 10:50 am

15-minute break

10:50 – 11:50 am

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel (Stuttgart, Germany), Part 2 – “Laser Acupuncture in Clinical Practice”

11:50 – 12 pm

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel Q&A

12 to 1 pm

One-hour lunch break

1 – 2 pm

Steve Liu, LAc, BSEE – “TCM4.0/PBM/Laser Acupuncture and their applications in Steve’s clinic and introduce his FAST method for fully healing chronic soft tissue pain within 10 sessions.”

2 – 3 pm

Prof. Margaret Naeser, PhD, LAc (Boston, USA), Part 2 – “Transcranial Photobiomodulation to Improve Cognition, PTSD, Sleep in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury, and Ex-Football Players with Possible CTE”

3 – 3:10 pm

10-minute break

3:10 – 3:30 pm

Steve Liu, LAc, BSEE – “How and why FAST is a turnkey application for new and experienced acupuncturists to make their practices more sustainable in a peer-supportive community setting”

3:30 – 4 pm

Steve and Prof. Naeser Q&A

4 pm

Conference adjourns

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ASLAT President’s Welcome Address

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome and invite you to participate in the 2024 American Society for Laser Acupuncture Therapy (ASLAT) International TCM4.0 Virtual Conference.

I coined the term TCM4.0 and made it the conference’s theme to bring awareness of the importance of Photobiomodulation (PBM) and Laser Acupuncture Therapy (LAT) and their clinical contributions to new and established acupuncturists and healthcare practitioners.

This year’s conference will showcase two prominent researchers and clinicians in the PBM and LAT fields, Dr. Margaret Naeser and Dr. Volkmar Kreisel, as keynote speakers. They are my mentors and friends, and I appreciate them for sharing their research and therapeutic and clinical applications. They are also members of ASLAT’s Science Advisory Board and you may read their biographies on

As a former Silicon Valley electrical and laser engineer, it has been a long personal journey to host ASLAT’s first conference since I first read Dr. Naeser’s published paper on treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with laser acupuncture in 1999 while I was still an acupuncture student.

Since then I learned as much as I could about PBM and LAT science and clinical applications and found the integration of these two therapies contributed to my twenty-five years of treatment outcome successes. I consider myself a “Laser Acupuncturist” and I wish to share a clinically proven protocol to heal chronic pain from soft tissue/sports injury called FAST in the conference as well.

Please join me on May 4th to discover why PBM/LAT and FAST should be part of your practice. You will be able to watch lectures online from the comfort of your own office, home, clinic, or hospital. Registered attendees will be able to leave comments, ask questions, download handouts, and rewatch the conference later.

We look forward to seeing you all at the TCM4.0 Virtual Global Conference.

Yours Truly,
Steve Liu, L.Ac., BSEE
President and Founder, American Society for Laser Acupuncture Therapy (ASLAT)